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About this Website

This BETA website provides summaries of Federal programs related to flood risk management. Users can search for the programs most relevant to their needs using filters to narrow their search.  Search results will provide summaries of Federal programs and links to additional information about each program.

Many of these Federal programs complement state and local government efforts. As such, some Federal programs can only be accessed through the state or local government. Regardless, it is important for people conducting flood risk management activities to engage their state and local officials early to ensure they are meeting any and all applicable non-Federal requirements.

This BETA website allows users to quickly discover Federal programs relevant to their situation through three simple indicators:  potential program APPLICANT, PHASE of the flood risk management cycle most relevant, and TYPE of assistance being requested.  All, some, or none of the sub-indicator elements can be selected to fine-tune a search.  Additionally a word search functionality is available to further narrow the results to those which both match the indicators selected and where the program title or description contains the word string exactly as noted.

This BETA website was developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in partnership with the Federal agencies who contributed content. The purpose of creating the BETA website is to assess the need and usefulness of such a tool that provides the ability for users to search for flood risk management related programs most relevant to their needs. While every attempt was made to identify all relevant Federal programs, there may be programs available which are not summarized here. Additionally, most of the data captured is considered to be accurate as of October 2018.