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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


(USACE) Levee Safety Program


The mission of the USACE Levee Safety Program is to ensure levees provide benefit to the Nation by working with levee sponsors and stakeholders to assess, communicate, and manage levee related flood risk to people, property, and the environment.Maintains a national inventory of levee systems and makes the information available in the National Levee Database. Inspects, assesses, and communicates levee risk-related issues and concerns, holding life-safety paramount. Supports USACE and local decisions aimed at reducing flood risk. The Levee Safety Program works with levee sponsors on a variety of key activities such as:

  • Conduct inspections and risk assessments that identify and describe levee-related flood risk.
  • Increase flood risk awareness among elected officials and risk managers to promote effective risk reduction and management.
  • Build understanding among residents and businesses behind levees that levees do not eliminate flood risk and levee-related risk can change over time.

The Levee Safety Program in concert with local sponsors and stakeholders uses risk-informed decision making to establish priorities and improve decision making by understanding the levee risk related to USACE Tolerable Risk Guidelines. Risk-informed decision making is applied on a portfolio level and on an individual levee system level.

Funding Information:

  • USACE operated and maintained levees – activities are funded within USACE project operation and maintenance account
  • Federal authorized and locally operated and maintained levees – activities are funded within the USACE Inspection of Completed Works account.
  • Non-Federal levees eligible for the Rehabilitation Program under P.L. 84- 99 – activities are funded within USACE Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies account.
  • Non-Federal levees not participating in the Rehabilitation Program in P.L. 84-99 - USACE can conduct a one- time levee review (e.g. inspection and risk assessment) with voluntary states, Tribes, and levee owner/operators subject to availability of funding.
  • Providing levee information for inclusion into the National Levee Database is voluntary and no cost to states, Tribes, other Federal and non- Federal entities

Resource Website(s):

Program Information
National Levee Database


Individual/Household, Business, Local Government, State Government, Tribal, Preparing for Flood Response, Recovering from a Flood, Financial Assistance, Technical Assistance, Data & Tools

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